Senior couple smiling as they use a computer together, exploring telehealth options for cognitive care

Cognitive care at every turn.

‍At Sunday Health, we know that our patients have caring, capable families and loved ones, so that’s how we approach all of our clinical work–as a collaborative endeavor.

Our clinicians are well-versed in the latest research. They also specialize in understanding the everyday experiences of individuals and families living with cognitive impairment or dementia. They'll demonstrate how holistic interventions, beyond just medical treatments, can have a meaningful impact.

Our care navigators are here to support you through diagnoses, regular check-ins, care coordination, medication reviews, and ongoing monitoring. We accompany you every step of the way.

We accompany you every step of the way.

Our Expertise

Why we’re trusted by patients and their families…

Because our clinicians are not only highly trained and experienced, but also passionate about providing a different kind of cognitive care.

Because we take a holistic approach to care that addresses not only medical needs but also emotional, social, and practical concerns.

Because we get that cognitive health is a group project requiring that the patient, care partner, and care team speak the same language and get on the same page.

Because we move at the pace of real people, real questions, real relationships. Because our financial model isn’t based on hurriedly moving clinicians in and out of visits, we encourage our team members to take their time and do it right.

Because we show respect for dignity and autonomy, honoring the patient and family's wishes and values throughout the care journey.

I've taken care of thousands of patients, and I've never been more hopeful than I am at this moment.

Everybody at Sunday Health is as committed to this proposition as I am: life does not end with a diagnosis of dementia, it changes but there are still going to be good days. There's laughter, there's happiness, there's Sunday.

— Dr. Amy Sanders, MD | Dementia Neurologist

The Sunday Health Care Team

You’re in the best hands

As diagnostic tools and dementia treatments evolve, our expert team is at the forefront, delivering the highest standard of care for patients with cognitive concerns or active challenges.

Amy Sanders
MD, FAAN | Dementia Neurologist

Neurologist specializing in dementia and neurocognitive decline, with 15 years of experience.

Clay Ackerly
MD, MSc | Chief Medical Officer

Internist with national recognition for efforts to improve care of older adults across 15 years of clinical practice.

Kelly O’Connell
MSN | Care Navigator

Registered nurse with 12 years of clinical patient care & teaching experience.

Mallory Quinette
MSN | Nurse Practitioner

Family Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of experience.

Sarah Borchelt
MSN I Nurse Practitioner

Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of experience